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LifeConciergeTM Hall of Fame

Clean Teeth

"It’s taken me three months to book these dentist appointments for my son and I. You guys got it done in days! Thank you!"

Erica had been trying to book dental appointments for herself and her son, but confirming insurance coverage with a dentist she liked turned into an exasperating game of phone tag. Feeling overwhelmed, she decided to reach out to her LifeConcierge for assistance.

Her LifeConcierge promptly contacted the dentist's office, worked with the receptionist to confirm that they accepted her insurance, and scheduled the appointments. Taking care of the entire process, her LifeConcierge even sent her a detailed calendar reminder!

Now, Erica and her son have clean teeth and smiles to show for it.

Time saved

More than 5 hours!

Stress avoided

Avoided dealing with the time-consuming process

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Medical Authorization!

Julie was persistent with the parties I was dealing with and managed to accomplish something (getting the direct phone number of a person) that I have been unable to do. I appreciated her updates and helpful nudges to push us forward” 

Jame's wife had a medical procedure that required authorization—and, unfortunately due to a clerical error, the insurance company had no proof of this documentation. He knew this was a problem for LifeConcierge. 

Jame’s LifeConcierge spent nearly a week calling the appropriate parties at the insurance company and following up. And, sure enough, his LifeConcierge was finally able to get a specialist from the insurance company to assist with the case, confirm the authorized services and resolve the outstanding billing issues.

Time saved

5+ hours

Stress avoided

Avoided future payment penalties

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LASIK eye surgery!

Any time you feel that "ugh" like "I want to procrastinate this because I'm overwhelmed with the details" -- THAT is the time to email Overalls! ” 

Taking advantage of her new remote work policy, Katie was all set to move from NYC to Hawaii. Just one final thing before her new workcation life began: LASIK eye surgery.

She felt that it was best to get the procedure sooner rather than later, but didn’t want the surgery to get in the way of her trip. So, she reached out to her LifeConcierge for help.

Her LifeConcierge was tasked with finding in-network options in both states—so they could find the most affordable option. After finding several in-network options, Katie decided to do the appointment in Hawaii and her LifeConcierge scheduled a consultation.

Katie had her procedure later that year and was relieved to have saved quite a bit of money thanks to the insurance expertise of her LifeConcierge and hours of research and coordination.  

Time saved

5+ hours

Stress avoided

Eliminated the need to delay her move

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