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LifeConciergeTM Hall of Fame

Retirement Prep!

“Thank you so much, I am still going over and looking into info you sent, which was so helpful!” 

In preparation for his upcoming retirement, Richard found himself overwhelmed with the transition and in need of help from Overalls.

His LifeConcierge was able to outline recommendations and considerations for maximizing Richard’s contributions in the time he had left at his company, while also figuring out how to continue his medical insurance coverage and budgeting resources during retirement. Full of resources, Richard's overwhelm is slowly turning to excitement. Go Richard!

Time saved

1-3 hours

Stress avoided

Eliminated monetary concerns for the future

tackle your to dos

life’s too short

Let Overalls tackle your toughest tasks.

Send your headaches to Overalls so you can spend your time on what matters most — your work, your family, and your life.

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