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LASIK eye surgery!

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Taking advantage of her new remote work policy, Katie was all set to move from NYC to Hawaii. Just one final thing before her new workcation life began: LASIK eye surgery.

She felt that it was best to get the procedure sooner rather than later, but didn’t want the surgery to get in the way of her trip. So, she reached out to her LifeConcierge for help.

Her LifeConcierge was tasked with finding in-network options in both states—so they could find the most affordable option. After finding several in-network options, Katie decided to do the appointment in Hawaii and her LifeConcierge scheduled a consultation.

Katie had her procedure later that year and was relieved to have saved quite a bit of money thanks to the insurance expertise of her LifeConcierge and hours of research and coordination.  

Time saved

5+ hours

Stress avoided

Eliminated the need to delay her move

life’s too short

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