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Why Overalls?

Boost Productivity, Retention, and Morale

Overalls is partnering with employers to offer a new, modern benefit that puts the employee first.

Our LifeConcierge™ platform is just a click away for your team, and our experts are standing by ready to help manage those overwhelming moments. Planning a move, dealing with home repairs, managing benefits and protection plans – even planning for a baby, all eat up people’s time and energy. Thats where we come in!

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The hidden tax

$#it happens

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Over $500 billion is lost due to employee stress annually

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17% of workforce productivity is lost due to life’s complications.

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The average 500 person business loses over $4 million in productivity each year

Everyone could use a hand

How can LifeConcierge™ help your employees?

Our LifeConcierge™ can help you when it really counts — those life moments when we could all use a helping a hand and an expert in our corner to carry us to the finish line.

  • Reduce Employee Stress
  • Reclaim Lost Time
  • Improve Productivity
  • Boost Recruitment and Retention

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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Simple Onboarding

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Effortless Management

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Monthly Reporting