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LifeConciergeTM Hall of Fame

Repair or Replace?

"Very nice service. I appreciated having someone else handle it."

Fed up with his broken dishwasher and faulty microwave, Thomas found himself at a crossroads – unsure whether he should repair or replace the appliances. Seeking guidance, he reached out to his LifeConcierge for assistance.

The LifeConcierge sprang into action, researched local repair options and obtained estimates while simultaneously gathering information on potential replacement appliances and their prices.

After weighing his options, Thomas decided to take the repair route. Without skipping a beat, the LifeConcierge scheduled the repairs for the following Monday morning. By Monday night, Thomas finally bid farewell to handwashing dishes, thankful for his LifeConcierge's efficient assistance.

Time saved

1-3 Hours

Stress avoided

Comparing various options and weighing costs

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Time to call a Professional

This was a great interaction & I actually checked something off my list! Thank you all!” 

For over a year, Joan has needed repairs in her house. First, her smoke detector blew up and then her pool lights stopped working—it was time to call in a professional.

Joan reached out to her LifeConcierge, who vetted a few electricians in her area in order to secure the best person for the job. Her LifeConcierge found the perfect match and scheduled the appointment for the very next week.

Through this experience, Joan has learned to call her LifeConcierge to resolve hassles versus waiting a year to find the time to get them fixed herself.

Time saved

3+ hours

Stress avoided

Found a go-to electrician for future household needs

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Bathroom Demolition!

“They did show up and helped me out. Great job finding them! Thank you for all the help!” 

Deep in the throes of a bathroom renovation project and busy with working full-time, Jesse decided to call in some help.

He reached out to his LifeConcierge to see if they could find a demolition professional with availability later that month. Within 48 hours, Jesse’s LifeConcierge provided multiple quotes for review and scheduled the demo for the following week.

During the process, Jesse received frequent communication from his LifeConcierge and was able to sit back, watch as the demo was completed, and re-energize for the rest of his DIY bathroom project.

Time saved

5+ hours

Stress avoided

Avoided dealing with complex contractors

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