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Endless possibilities with Overalls


Life Stressors

  • Home remodeling projects
  • Research auto loan rates
  • Restaurant reservations / suggestions
  • Passport renewal
  • Find a lawyer
  • Find a divorce attorney
  • Evaluate property management companies 
  • Track down money exchange locations
  • Find a mechanic
  • Buying a home 
  • Switching cable / internet providers 
  • Solar battery replacement
  • Find a new dresser
  • Wedding DJ
  • Check to see if on the best phone plan 
  • Find a birthday outfit
  • Find vegan root beer delivery subscription
  • Selling home with no real estate agent
  • Tennis class
  • Apartment cleaning
  • Marie Kondo my home
  • Dumpster rental
  • HVAC leak
  • Secure student visa for Japan
  • Finding a notary
  • Hire a house manager
  • Build a flower bed
  • Carpet cleaning company
  • Replace car tires
  • Help get my Dyson refund
  • Driveway repair and sealing
  • Makeup and brow artist
  • Spanish passport
  • Create a listing / find sites for selling a car
  • Help me sell my antiques
  • New tire recommendation
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Locksmith after getting locked out of car
  • Shipping a car across the country


  • Personal trainer
  • Donate furniture
  • Repair my winter boots
  • Refurbish vintage designer handbags
  • Find a property manager for an investment property
  • Install hot tub
  • Coordinate with insurance, dealership, and tow co. for Tesla services 
  • Saved a customer $600 by calling local shops and getting quotes for new tires
  • Rent local basketball courts for the afternoon
  • Book dance classes
  • Passport appointments
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Tennis lessons
  • Family immigration lawyer
  • Adult swim instructor
  • Transfer photos from Amazon photos to Google photos
  • Affordable parking option by airport
  • Hotel charge discrepancy
  • Fence damaged by HOA tree removal service
  • Window repair
  • Driveway repair and sealing
  • Find a landscaper
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Sprinkler system install
  • Broken stair repair
  • Moving to a new home
  • Piano tuning
  • House cleaner
  • Tree removal services
  • Bike rack for car
  • Paint chip repair
  • Car detailing
  • Broken windshield
  • Window tinting
  • Title transfer
  • Car registration
  • Lost title for my car

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Family & Caregiving

  • Summer camp research
  • Private tutor for reading & writing
  • Special needs & disability services
  • Research and apply for assisted living facilities for parents
  • Find an estate planner
  • Martial arts classes
  • Math tutoring
  • Chemistry lessons
  • Afterschool tutor for autism 
  • Kids birthday venues 
  • Lost birth certificate
  • Research scholarships for private high schools
  • Babysitter with experience with autism
  • Planning a funeral - flowers, programs, venues, and catering
  • Set up cremation services
  • Budget expenses for adding a new family member
  • Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day
  • Repair family heirloom glass vase 
  • Find outdoor show for children's summer camp
  • Find martial arts classes
  • College scholarship opportunities
  • Find 30 independent college scholarships
  • Renewing a child's passport
  • Navigate daycare waitlists
  • Mother - son relationship counseling 
  • Childcare for child with special needs
  • Establish disability for husband
  • Dental care for elderly mother
  • Free family activities
  • Navigate medical benefits for disabled elderly parents
  • Golf lessons for son
  • Infant music class
  • Spanish tutor for daughter
  • Infant swim lessons
  • Sleep away summer camp
  • Finding housekeeper and gardener for elderly mother
  • Snow shoveling for elderly mom
  • Part-time nanny search
  • Plan child's 4th birthday party
  • Wedding planning
  • Celebration of Life planning
  • Night nurse research
  • Family fun halloween activities
  • Postpartum meal planning
  • Gift for mom's birthday
  • Pre-nursing student CNA courses over the summer
  • Local horseback riding
  • Storytime book recommendations
  • Genetic testing recommendations before having kids
  • Chemistry tutor
  • Stroller shipping research for travel
  • Escort assistance through airport for special needs sibling
  • Help changing last name after marriage
  • Genesis golf tournament activities for kids
  • Preschool search
  • Funeral services - cards, flowers, obituary 
  • Music class for baby
  • When should my baby start education classes?
  • Donate baby supplies and toys
  • Summer camp search
  • Soccer class / trainer
  • Last minute Valentine's Day dinner reservation
  • Family support groups
  • Graduation party with sushi chief, brunch for the day after followed by skydiving or a floatplane ride
  • Competitive activities for middle school child


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Health & Wellness

  • Physical therapy appointments 
  • Transfer medical records to a new provider
  • Submit claim to HRA, HSA, FSA
  • Find alternative pharmacy for out-of-stock prescription
  • Request payment & treatment plan from dentist 
  • Find a new doctor 
  • 3rd party medical coverage 
  • Schedule an annual physical
  • In-home health care research
  • Child therapist
  • Midwife
  • Physical therapy appointments 
  • Appointment for braces
  • Find in-person therapist 
  • Allergist appointments
  • Find in-network dentist
  • Pediatrician close to new home
  • Ultrasound billing mistake
  • Telemed counseling
  • Explain benefits with PPO as primary and Medicaid as secondary 
  • Submit a gap insurance claim 
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket pharmaceuticals

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Financial Wellbeing

  • Find an accountant / tax services 
  • 401k rollover
  • Travel insurance 
  • Personal finance apps
  • Find a financial advisor
  • How to file taxes
  • Consolidating 401Ks
  • Fire my financial advisor
  • Best phone plan for children
  • Help adjust tax withholdings after recent divorce
  • Create family budget
  • Need help saving for summer vacation
  • Should I buy out my lease?
  • 529 college savings help
  • House down payment assistance
  • Refinance car loan at a lower rate
  • Roth IRA help
  • Best credit card for balance transfer
  • Setting up a trust
  • Creating a will
  • Find an accountant
  • Create six-year financial plan
  • Divorce estate planning
  • Debt consolidation
  • Student loans
  • Unemployment claim for husband
  • Best HYSA account
  • Solar panel installation and rebate
  • First home purchase guidance
  • Review quote from architect
  • Lease or purchase a new car analysis
  • How can I get out of my lease early
  • Car insurance quotes / rate shopping

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Pet Care

  • Is pet insurance worthwhile?
  • Free emotional support dog registration
  • Dog walker services
  • Pet sitter
  • Dog groomer
  • Dog trainer
  • Vet that specializes in doggie dentistry


  • Dog breeder 
  • Vet checkup
  • Emergency vet
  • Free spay clinic
  • Dog groomer that will just do nails
  • Doggie day care while returning to office
  • Help our dog transition to a new home

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  • Cruise port activities
  • Vegas girls trip
  • Rafting trip
  • Find a hotel in Brooklyn, NY
  • Plan couple's vacation to Hawaii, including best places to visit, snorkel, luau, oceanside dine, and helicopter ride
  • Florida getaway birthday party
  • Plan trip to Japan
  • Maui family vacation
  • Whitewater rafting trip
  • Family summer vacation in Mexico
  • Disneyland and Universal family trip
  • Find an awesome location for a big camping trip
  • Boston tea party museum info
  • Florida vacation family activities and restaurant recommendations
  • Disney cruise vacation
  • Schedule activities for family trip to Italy
  • Anniversary getaway weekend
  • Washington DC trip itinerary
  • Las Vegas cheer trip
  • Costa Rica trip
  • Trip to Iceland
  • Family trip to Sweden

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Milly M.  

"The hours that were saved do not fully capture how helpful it was for me.  It's about reduced stress and eliminating delays (since I don't have time to take care of it)."

Bryant H.  

"Overalls is a new service through my employer, so I decided to try it out using a task I could complete if the results weren't great. You blew me away! I appreciate how thorough you were with your investigation. Beware! I may have some harder tasks headed your way!"

Kristina S.  

"I had been trying to get an issue solved for months and had not been hearing back from the company. Finally after talking with my LifeConcierge, they were able to get the problem resolved with little needed from me. It was a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders."