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Clean Teeth

"It’s taken me three months to book these dentist appointments for my son and I. You guys got it done in days! Thank you!"

Erica had been trying to book dental appointments for herself and her son, but confirming insurance coverage with a dentist she liked turned into an exasperating game of phone tag. Feeling overwhelmed, she decided to reach out to her LifeConcierge for assistance.

Her LifeConcierge promptly contacted the dentist's office, worked with the receptionist to confirm that they accepted her insurance, and scheduled the appointments. Taking care of the entire process, her LifeConcierge even sent her a detailed calendar reminder!

Now, Erica and her son have clean teeth and smiles to show for it.

Time saved

More than 5 hours!

Stress avoided

Avoided dealing with the time-consuming process

life’s too short

Let Overalls tackle your toughest tasks.

Send your headaches to Overalls so you can spend your time on what matters most — your work, your family, and your life.

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