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Sticker Shock

"This is the type of thing I would have spent hours reading about online and looking at alllll of my options in the area."

Mike was shocked to learn that his pet's dental work was going to cost him over $2,000. Not having the time to research the reasonable price for such a procedure, he sought assistance from his LifeConcierge.

His LifeConcierge reviewed veterinary publications, gathering insights on average costs to help him evaluate the quote that he received from his vet. The LifeConcierge then contacted local veterinarians to obtain price estimates, seeking the most competitive option.

Thanks to his LifeConcierge, Mike was delighted to discover a highly regarded vet offering a more affordable option, easing his worries about both his pet's dental health and his budget.

Time saved

More than 5 hours!

Stress avoided

Worrying about the high cost of the procedure

life’s too short

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