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Los Angeles Family Getaway

"Thanks, you probably saved us like a hundred bucks!!"

During Betty's family adventure in Los Angeles, Overalls LifeConcierge played a crucial role as the ultimate source of fun-filled exploration! Betty, along with her spouse and son, sought out the assistance of Overalls LifeConcierge to discover family-friendly activities and dining options in Southern California. With expertise and meticulous planning, Betty's LifeConcierge created a personalized itinerary that included top-notch restaurant recommendations!

The knowledgeable LifeConcierge not only provided Betty with essential information on navigating LA with a toddler, but also ensured a seamless and budget-friendly experience by resolving a car seat storage dilemma. Thanks to Overalls LifeConcierge, Betty and her family were able to maximize their time in LA and save valuable dollars!

Time saved

3+ hours

Stress avoided

Researching a busy tourist destination with a young child in tow

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