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Affordable attorney!

"Julie, this is perfect! I can't even start saying how grateful I am! Thank you so much."

At the start of her divorce proceedings, Claudia needed an attorney that was good—and affordable. 

As a mother, Claudia stressed that time and money was of the essence, so she reached out to her LifeConcierge for quick support. 

LifeConcierge Julie immediately got on a call with Claudia to understand her situation and swiftly provided her with family attorneys in her area that could handle the case. Julie really wanted to deliver an option well within Claudia’s budget and was able to find online services that were significantly cheaper than Claudia hoped.

Time saved

3+ hours

Stress avoided

Eliminated any impact to her daughters well being

life’s too short

Let Overalls tackle your toughest tasks.

Send your headaches to Overalls so you can spend your time on what matters most — your work, your family, and your life.

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