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Concierge Benefit for Life’s Hassles

Everyone could use a hand

Overalls LifeConcierge™ is your time-saving problem-fixer to carry you through life's complications. From planning a move, to fixing your car, to welcoming a newborn, Overalls is your partner for managing life’s ups and downs.

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"This worked exactly how I’d hoped. My concierge was so polite and helpful. It was like calling a friend to see if she could help me out! She saved me hours but also, harder to calculate, the benefit of having one less thing to worry about."

Jamie P.  

"It’s like having my own personal assistant. It has taken out the stress and anxiety of trying to research and find a company for any tasks that I need!"

Ayesha S.  

"Always helpful because the places I need to call are usually only open 9-5 and those are the hours I am working. I do not want to have to use my lunch break to deal with bills or setting up doctors appointments, etc. I love overalls!"

Bill R.

"I've asked for help with handling botched dental claims, finding a last-minute dog kennel, researching options for English Horseback Riding lessons, and helping me find a new PCP. Grateful to have this benefit available!

Emily L.

"I had been trying to get an issue solved for months and had not been hearing back from the company. Finally after talking with my LifeConcierge, they were able to get the problem resolved with little needed from me. It was a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders."

 Jasmine O.

"Overalls and you have given me hope, a game plan, and helped me feel like I have someone to guide me through what I didn’t know how to on my own. I’m crying with gratitude."

 Benny U.

"I’ve had great experiences every time I’ve used Overalls. Having this service available to me has made scheduling appointments for my family a breeze. Schuyler provided different Doctors Offices, with ratings and earliest dates of availability for each office."

 Fei C.

"This is my first time using it. DeAnna helped me so much. Not only about saving me time but she really helped me to reduce my mental stress. Thank you so much."

 Julius C.

"I'm dumbfounded by how helpful this was and how much of my mental energy was saved. It is difficult to fit little bits of research into a day ... great to have y'all to do that on my behalf. Thank you."

 Xioa W.

"Great service, the attention to detail was obvious. Again, great service! Mom of 3, saved me lots of headaches!"

 Alexa N.

"Desiree went above and beyond to respond quickly to a particularly time sensitive issue. The options provided were wonderful and just what I asked for with links that took me directly to checkout, saving tons of time."

 Michael K.

"Planning travel is so time intensive. I LOVE having Overalls to help do the heavy lifting for me :)! Thank you :)"

 Sydney R.

"The Overalls team was outstanding! They helped me through a super frustrating situation (involving the DMV) and advocated strongly for me. I’m so thankful for their help!"

 LeShawn H.

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Effortless USe

Omni-channel access

Text | Email | In App | Phone

create a culture That employees never want to leave

Helping All Employees Succeed

Boost employee productivity

Create an employee-centric culture by removing outside stressors  

From daily challenges to major life events

Anything from medical bills to scheduling appointments to childcare

Inclusive benefit helping every employee

High engagement across all life stages and demographics

Increase work-life balance

Your partner to take life's hassles off your plate


of hassles affect work productivity


of lost productivity from life hassles


say Overalls reduces stress


Net Promoter Score. For real!

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